Prayer Corner – September 2022

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Please pray for the following requests!

  • Terri Kirby and Stan
  • Brother and Sister Lane
  • Christy Black
  • Geraldine Watson
  • Eloise Bagwell
  • Dollie Atkins
  • Gail Smith
  • Jerry Crumley
  • Mary Ann Cassell
  • Jackie Smith
  • David and Nettie Flowers
  • All of our Widows, Shut-ins, and all that have unspoken needs
  • Our Church Family, and all those lost without Jesus!

God knows all the needs of His children and He is able. Please pray for all the request and if you know of someone in need please let their needs be known.

Intercessory Prayer Force

  • Tony and Shirley Perry
  • Dennie and Wilma Reynolds
  • Wilma Scruggs
  • Peggy Nalley
  • Deborah De Palma
  • Tina Barton
  • Gail Smith
  • Cindy M. Lane
  • Khrista Flowers
  • Brittany Parker
  • James White

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