From the Pastor’s Desk – September 2022

A Special Message from our Pastor!

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“Just to be honest, I have no idea so I’ll think about it tomorrow!”

Tomorrow, he promised his conscience. Tomorrow I mean to believe. Tomorrow, I’ll think as I ought to. Tomorrow, my Savior receive. Tomorrow, I’ll conquer the habits that hold me from Heaven, but ever his conscience repeated.

One word and one only Today! Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Thus day after day it went on, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, til youth like a vision was gone.

Til age in his passions had written the message of fate on his brow, and forth from the shadows came Death, with a pitiless syllable-Now. What will you do with Jesus? The call comes low and clear. The solemn words are sounding, now in your listening ear! What will you do with your opportunities today? Will it pass you by?

Pastor Purvis

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