From the Pastor’s Desk – March 2021 – The things of God

A Special Message from our Pastor’s Wife!

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Sometimes we get so busy in life that we forget to read our Bible, or say a prayer thanking God for breath for another day. He has been so good to us. Redeeming your time is so important. What do I mean? Time is redeemed when you make the most of your life and seize every opportunity for useful service. You life takes on a efficient quality. That may be difficult to imagine since you’re so busy, but as you focus on doing the business of God, time expands.

A little poem:

I have only just a minute
Only sixty seconds in it…
Just a tiny little minute.
But eternity is in it…

What will you do in your minute? If you had only one minute for God, what would it consist of? As your heart becomes more dedicated to God, you will reclaim, recover, retrieve, rescue, and regain that minute, for hours, days of your life for His Glory. Put Him first today, if all you can give Him is a minute, then let that minute be everything you have in you for His Glory!

Sister Rita

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